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Aggressive Stallion Tamed In Five Steps! The Incredible Hempfling! Video Below!

A professional Dutch trainer had an issue with Lusitano Stallion and he could not handle that horse anymore. So, the only thing he could do was to give that horse away to someone who can solve the problem and make things better for the aggressive horse. When the stallion arrived at the KFH-School Farm he was 5-years-old and it was obvious why his previous trainer could not deal with him.

He was uncontrollable and aggressive, but his new trainer knew exactly what to do. Hempfling too over the problem and managed to tame the stallion in just five steps. He started by giving the stallion some space to attack and rear freely. When he finished with the attacks, Hempfling went into action and by using his body signals he successfully stopped and calmed the stallion.

Hempfling is well-known for his special lunging which he does in the first steps and in the fourth step he does a special leading which brings the process to the final step. Last, he touches the stallion who is now friendly and calm, and the transformation is over.

In the video below you can see Hempfling and Lusitano Stallion and you’ll realize why this trainer is such an inspiration to everyone. Take care and go riding!

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