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Runaway Horse Chased By A Man On A Motorcycle! Exciting Video!

In the video footage beneath this text, you’ll something amusing and strange at the same time. One day, a man was riding his motorcycle on the road when all of a sudden a woman appeared in his way.

She was running so he pulled over to ask her if she needed some help. After she told him that her horse has run away, the two of them started a wild chase on his motorcycle.

They passed by many cars dodging along the way people and cars as well and that’s why they’ve attracted the attention of everyone. At one point the rider seemed to get close to the horse, but that was not the end, although it looked like it was.

They were back at the beginning as the horse managed to run away again. However, the chase came to an end when the man was able to get a grip on the horse.

The owner had his horse back and she thanked deeply to the man who helped her with the runaway horse. Find out more from the video and go riding!

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