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Neglected Horse Learns To Trust Again! Impressive Story!

Monty the horse was imprisoned in his stall for years and it was hard for him to get back to normal life. When he was finally free to go out of his filthy stall, Monty could not understand what was going on and it was difficult for him to make the first steps. He was supposed to get out of his prison, but he was too scared to do that. The poor horse wasn’t getting any kind of attention for many years and his owner only threw in some hay, food or water from time to time.

Travis Underwood rescued Monty and didn’t know what to expect when he first saw him. For years, Monty’s only friends were the flies that circled and landed on his gaunt frame. He had not received any general care or let out of the stalls. Monty has not been exercised and never received hoof care or had basic grooming.

His rescuer took him to a sanctuary where Monty had a tendency to hide in the dark corner of his stall. It took them a lot of time to first train Monty to get out of the stall and then take him off the property. Underwood did not give up and with lots of efforts, he managed to connect with Monty. Slowly, but surely he started gaining Monty’s trust and thanks to his determination Monty became eager to learn new things.

People could approach him and he was eager for a bond. Clearly, Monty needed someone to bring him to life and Underwood accepted the challenge. These days, Monty is following him around and he became part of the family. Find out more from the video below!

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