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Police Horse Having Fun On The Streets Of New Orleans! Amazing Dance Video!

Officer Jones and his partner Ace the horse are highly trained and share an amazing relationship. Their job position in the Mounted Police requires special skills and lots of efforts in order to serve properly to the community. Horses like Ace are a great resource at Mardi Gras because thanks to them the equestrian officers get a higher vantage point to observe the crowds at the crowded feast.

The horses can easily get through the crowd because people respect these animals and they like to communicate with the horse officers. The crowds are always friendly with the Mounted Police because they are all in a good mood during parades and while dancing, singing and collecting beads. It was another fun-filled night and Ace really enjoyed his time out among people dancing in the streets.

We know how playful and funny horses can be and this time Ace decided to join the party and started dancing to the rhythm of the music. Together with his partner, they joined the fun and you can see them sharing the love of music and dancing in the video below. Take care of horses and go riding!

New Orleans

In New Orleans, even the police horses boogie out.

Posted by American Police Beat on Wednesday, December 27, 2017

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