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Bodybuilder Surprised By His Horse’s Reaction! Video Below!

In the video footage beneath this text, you’ll see a man falling off his horse. It is not an unusual thing because accidents happen all the time in this sport, that’s why it is considered to be one the most dangerous sports.

The man from this scene is Branch Warren from Generation Iron and this footage was captured by chance on film. However, it shows how hard is to fall off a horse and the consequences could be really serious.

The bodybuilder was trying to act the big man in front of the cameras and he was riding at full speed on his horse. He ended up flying through the air because he was probably overconfident, telling how he never got hurt outside the gym. Well, you never know what’s coming next, especially when you are riding a horse. These animals are unpredictable and this video is just a reminder about that. Find out more from the video and go riding!

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