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Abused Horse Kicked His Owner And Taught Him A Lesson! Video Below!

Sooner or later, your horse will react if you mistreat him. These animals know how to defend themselves and it is not in their nature to attack first. When they feel danger they will probably use their power to protect themselves or their baby horses. They can’t tolerate pain and that’s exactly what the horse from this video was experiencing for a long time- pain!

Men can be really irresponsible and that’s why animals end up being abused and mistreated. Sometimes horse owners are only interested in the money they’ll get from their animal and they know nothing else about these extraordinary creatures. The horse from this video is experiencing a lot of pain and he is flipping because of that. At the beginning of the video, the man has beaten the stallion’s crown jewels with a rope. He made a mistake, although he tried to prevent kicking and he got what he deserved, don’t you agree?!

The horse only tried to defend from the abusive man and that’s why he kicked him. That man provoked the horse’s reaction and we can’t say that the horse’s intention was to kill or hurt him. Find out more from the video and raise awareness. Take care of horses and go riding!

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