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This Horse Has Not Been Ridden For Two Months! Video Below!

The horse from this video has not been ridden for two months and it seems that she needs some time to get back on the track. It has not been a good experience for the girl who tried to ride that mare as she started bucking and got very sassy when the girl got on her back.

During her break period, the mare was just sitting in the pasture. doing nothing, getting lazy and fat. So, her reaction should not surprise you. Lauren, the girl, could not control the mare when things got difficult and the mare started bucking.

When she finished with her bucks, Lauren managed to do some flatwork, but she didn’t push the mare and patiently waited for her to calm down. Finally, she rewarded her for settling down and listening. Lauren understands her mare and she hopes that very soon the two of them will go out in the field.

She loves that horse, but in our opinion, she has to pay more attention to that horse because it seems that the mare is agitated and the bucks seem that are pain related… Find out more from the video below!

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