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Playing With Your Horse Will Help You Build A Unique Relationship! Amazing Video!

You’ll come to good results if you do your work with passion and you love everything about it. That’s part of the entertainment while you are working on something and who would not love to laugh and enjoy while at work?! Having a good time while working is giving the tone of the work you do and in our opinion, it is the same while working with horses.

If we include playful actions in our everyday training routines we will amuse ourselves and the horse. Try doing that and you’ll realize that we are telling the truth. It is a blessing to share kisses with your horse and they love to cuddle, too. By showing them some love and understanding you will get their loyalty for a lifetime because they are emotional.

Teresa Sullivan is a great example for us when training horses. She is a great horse trainer and loves what she does. Teresa’s heart is full of love for horses and she knows how to treat them before and after the training. So, she does not only train and you can see her sharing kisses with her horse Red in the video footage beneath this text.

According to Teresa, playing is an essential part of training because that’s what helps you to become friends with your horse. In order to create a unique relationship with your horse, you must develop love, trust, and communication with the horse. You must show to your horse that you love him no matter what, and playing with him is the best way to achieve that. Video below!

Ok Rebecca Heckel your horse is so funny!!!

Posted by Teresa Sullivan on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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