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Horse Doing An Amazing Trick While Getting Inside A Trailer! Incredible Video!

Horses are truly incredible animals and we’ve seen them doing some amazing things at competitions. They are athletic and that’s one of the reasons why they keep on surprising us with their abilities. You’ll be amazed by the horse jump that you are about to see in the video footage beneath this text!

This trainer worked a lot with his horse and clearly, his horse has learned to do some interesting tricks. As you can see from the video, they have a unique method of loading into the trailer. The man is leading his horse into the trailer and the beautiful animal jumped straight in there. You probably didn’t expect to see that and that’s what makes this animal special. In order to balance itself the horse only touches the ramp when he is inside the trailer and we have to say that the trick was awesome.

On rodeos, you can see horses doing this kind of tricks which means that you have to train your horse to do this perfect entry. However, doing this jump puts the horse in danger as the horse could have hit his head on the trailer or could have slipped after landing. Luckily, nothing bad happened to this beautiful horse. Take care and go riding!

Tom Curtain Horse Loading

Jumping into the long weekend…🎥 : Tom Curtain

Posted by ABC Darwin on Thursday, May 3, 2018

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