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Newborn Horse Rescued From Huge Ant’s Nest! Video Below!

Newborns are always a source of anxiety for their parents who want things to be perfect, especially in the forst hours of their birth. The owners of a gorgeous mare called Boneca knew that something was wrong the moment they’ve noticed her entering their pasture all in panic. The mare was pregnant but when they saw her that day the “baby bump” was gone. So, they’ve realized that she had given birth, but they had no idea where the baby was!

They’ve started searching the area and that’s when they’ve heard a series of cries coming from the underground. They found a big hole in which the foal was, but that place was an ant’s nest and they had to react very fast. The owners immediately started digging away the dirt and making the hole bigger so that they could pull the little guy out. Soon, he was reunited with his mother.

Boneca was under stress and the entire time stood by her owners as they were digging. When they pulled the foal out Boneca was so relieved. Luckily, the farmers managed to dig the foal in time before any ants got to it. The poor baby was fed on time and so happy for experiencing the warmth of his mom. Take care of horses and go riding!

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