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Your Body Language Can Have A Great Effect On The Bond With Horses! Learn More!

Horses communicate with people through their body language and that’s why it is necessary for every horse rider to learn the horse language in order to stay safe. If we don’t understand the horses’ gestures we would have a really hard time getting along with these amazing creatures. They send messages and speak by using their body language so, we need to pay attention to it if we want to establish a great and strong relationship with horses!

Learn more about their gestures, for example, a pinned ear or a lifted head means “Leave Me Alone”, sideways ears and a lowered head with a soft eye is a gesture which horses use to draw another horse closer, etc.

What we should take more into consideration is our body position which in fact plays a great role in communication with a horse. So, we must learn many gestures that horses use to speak with us and we should pay attention to our body language. By the way we use our bodies we send messages to horses, for example, we can invite them to come closer to us or tell them to stay away.

Did you know that when we put our body in an X position we are telling a horse to go away? You make the X position when you are standing with open arms away from the shoulders and legs slightly apart. The more you know about this the bigger are the chances of not making the wrong gesture when being around horses.

The “O” shape is the opposite of X position and it draws the horse to us. So, when you want to invite the horse make a circle with your arms low in front of your body or just bow the head as if looking the ground. This will help you establish a good initial connection with the horse. Use your body language to improve your relationship with horses! Go riding!

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