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Young Foal Doesn’t Want The Scratching To End And Look What Happened…Funny Video!

Foals are playful and they love having fun with their friends. Chasing each other is their favorite game, but they also like to scratch one another. That’s exactly what you are about to see in the video footage beneath this text, except the part that this foal has a human to meet its needs.

This foal enjoys the scratching and it is not a problem for that man to scratch him…the only problem is that this foal doesn’t want this to end which is too long for the human. When he stops the young foal goes after him, trying to get his attention and it achieves it. Luckily, the human is in a good mood and continues to scratch its rump. He hopes that it would be enough for the foal but it is not. Apparently, the foal is not finished yet and when the man tries to go away the foal pushes its tail against him!

The foal looks really satisfied because the scratching continues several times and it loves it. However, the man has had enough of everything and tries to walk away, but this time he is determined to stop with the scratching. The foal realizes that it is not getting the man’s attention and them lifts her hoof into a perfectly aimed kick in the man’s direction. It is funny because she has also pinned her ears back and went for a revenge as if the man had abused her. Find out more from the video and go riding!

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