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Last Minute Rescue: Abandoned Horse Making A Full Recovery!

A dog walker noticed a young horse which was completely abandoned. Moreover, the poor horse could not stand up in the field and it was clear that it wasn’t feeling well. She immediately called RSPCA because the horse was in a desperate need for medical help!

Adie the horse was just lying there in the middle of a huge bare field. According to an inspector with the RSPCA, Rosie Russon, the ground around Adie was churned up because he had been struggling to get himself back up after collapsing to his feet. He could barely lift his head because he had lost its strength and it was very sad to see that.

Clearly, he could not have made it on its own. A local vet came to help transport the horse and he said that Adie was minutes from death. Luckily, the dog walker found him on time and knew exactly what she had to do. The abandoned horse was in a bad condition, the weather outside was cold, but people gathered ready to contribute to get Adie to safety.

Kindness saved Adie, although the road to recovery was not going to be easy as the vet stated. Adie came out with a terrible case of worms and he had several setbacks. A month after his rescue, Adie showed a little progress and Russon said that he became a wonderful Standardbred horse who will be fairly tall when he’ fully grown.

One day, he’ll be the perfect riding horse for someone! Take care of horses and go riding!

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