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HPD’s Mounted Patrol Unit Having Fun And Dancing! Delightful To Watch!

Happy horses can dance and without a doubt, the horses from this video are having the time of their lives. The Houston Police Department’s mounted patrol was on Super Bowl duty at NRG Stadium and they’ve decided to have some line-dancing fun. They could hear a music coming from the background and started dancing.

The officials were dancing but so did the horses. The happy animals join in and one cop in the middle directed the others as the horses pranced left, right and all around. Clearly, they did not want to miss the opportunity and people were amazed by their spontaneous performance. No one expected to see these policemen on their horses to dance and the crowd was really surprised and in awe


There is nothing wrong with having fun and luckily HPD’s Mounted Patrol Unit found some time to spread some positive vibes. They work hard to protect the city during one of the biggest events of the year and they deserve to have some fun. People loved it and you will too. Enjoy the video and go riding!

The Houston Mounted Patrol show off their line dancing to the music of ZZ Top!#HoustonPoliceFoundation #HouSuperBowl #Houston #SBLive #SB51 #rashivats #ZZTop

Posted by Smash, The Houston Mounted Patrol Horse on Sunday, February 5, 2017

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