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Rider Was Not Allowed To Get In A Drive-Through On The Back Of His Horse!

The customers at McDonald’s were really surprised to see a horse and rider going to the kiosk before trying to place an order. We must admit that it is a funny sight, although it was not allowed. That’s the reason why one of the staff came out and told the rider to dismount while the man was enjoying with his horse.

The 43-year-old rider, Jason Barret was queuing for his lunch at the time and as he said, he looked around and no one seemed to be bothered. That’s why he thought that people are used to it and he went to make his order. However, a member of staff came out to talk to him and told him that he can’t go in with his horse because the drive-through is only for cars.

Barret was only ordering a coffee but he had to get off the horse. So, he got off the horse in the parking bay and tied him there. It only took him a minute to walk in and get his coffee. Then, he went away on the back of his horse again.

It was really necessary to stop him from getting into the drive-through on his horse as the drive-through lanes were designed specifically for roadworthy vehicles. They were not suitable for horses and the member of the staff did the right thing. Take care and go riding!

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