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Hard Work Always Pays Off: 7-Year-Old Boy Was Selling Lemonade To Buy A Horse!

Fortunately, the number of people who love to take of horses is going up…some of them do it as a job and pay their bills by working with horses and others are born with the passion for horses. The second group of people usually take care of their own horses and their love for them is undeniable. What are you going to see in the video below is a boy bursting into tears after his dream came true…

This 7-year-old boy is from Australia and his name is Sebastian Lucas. He got on a horse for the first time when he was 4-years-old and since then he wanted to own a horse. So, he decided to work hard in order to get one and didn’t beg like most children do.

He started selling lemonade at a simple stand which he prepared it with his mother at home. His business was doing great and next, he Sebastian started selling his products bottled, with a custom label. He kept all the made that he earned because his goal was to fulfill his dream- BUY A HORSE!

The hard-working boy saved up more than $3,000 and his parents wanted to reward him for his well-done job. While he was at school they’ve bought him a pony and prepared a huge surprise for Sebastian and his brother. When the boys arrived from school, the parents told them to take a look inside the stable…Sebastian burst into tears the moment he saw the pony there.

He got really emotional and could not believe that his wish came true. We should all remember that with hard work we can accomplish everything we desire. Enjoy the video and follow your dreams!

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