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Funny Elephant Showjumping Commercial! Video Below!

Take a moment to watch this funny Elephant Showjumping Commercial. It was filmed in Australia and while watching it you need to focus on your computer screen…you’ll probably gonna repeat the process as I personally watched it more than 10 times!

Horses can be great actors and we’ve seen them in many movies, TV Shows, adds- they are the best, don’t you agree?! But what you are about to see in this commercial is something different and that’s what makes this video so amusing and interesting.

It’s an elephant combined with a horse sports discipline and we can say that this elephant is a talented showjumper. He is showjumping at its finest proving that nothing is impossible. According to the Creative Director, Ant Keogh, this commercial is about those ideas you have with your friends at two o’clock in the morning. It’s about dreams that inspire you but rarely ever see the light of day. Without a doubt, this commercial is wonderful because it will make you laugh, but also it contributes to making the sport more popular around the world. Enjoy the video!

Elephant Showjumping! 😂😂

Posted by Pacuk Lacuk on Sunday, April 1, 2018

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