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Violent Trainer Ran Over By A Horse! Video Below!

Unfortunately, we’ve seen many cases in which people don’t treat horses properly and hit them in order to make them do something. What’s even worse, most of them do that for the sake of training and that happens often these days.

It really surprises us how some trainers have not still understood that what it takes to deal with a horse is sheer love and respect. Violence is not allowed when you train a horse and people need to understand that. Otherwise, they’ll get what they deserve…like the man from this video!

Violence will always find a way to explode, so remember that it is not a solution but a problem. You should try solving problems without using violence because what you give is what you get. If you show your horse that you care for him, he will respond to each of your commands in the most positive way.

The trainer from this video was hitting and whipping the horse in order to make him do what he says. The poor animal could not work that way and his response was exactly the same as that of the trainer. Hopefully, nothing bad happened to the trainer as the horse ran him over and we also hope that he has learned the lesson- NEVER MISTREAT A HORSE! Video below.

حصان ينتقم من رجل حاول ترويضه بالقوة !

#أخبار_منوعة | حصان ينتقم من رجل حاول ترويضه بالقـوة !

Posted by 24Media on Monday, November 21, 2016

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