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The Incredible Dr. Pol: Horse Castration! Video Below!

Dr. Pol has seen it all during his career and he is anything but retiring. He routinely puts in 14-hour days which made him a legend in the community. Dr. Pol has specialized in large farm animals and he is unstoppable and unflappable!

What you are about to see in this video is Dr. Pol castrating a stallion named Archer. He is taking care of the horse on the request of the owner so that the stallion becomes more docile. The owner had some difficulties in handling Archer who is a rescued Arabian stallion.

It was really dangerous to be around Archer and that’s why they needed some help from Dr. Pol. He sedated Archer in order to handle him safely and then took him to a place where he did the castration. He used another shot to knock Archer out for the procedure and told everyone to get out of the way after the horse laid down.

It’s because he never knows which way the horse will fall and has to make sure that nothing stays close to the animal. There are different opinions about castration and for those who think that castration is wrong, we suggest them to try working with a stallion.

Share your opinion with us and take care of horses!

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