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Is This Arabian Horse Affraid Of His Trainer? Video Below!

The stunning horse from the video footage beneath this text is Magnifficoo. People were studying his ancestral pedigree and thanks to that we’ve learned something more about his genetics. We should appreciate the developing genetics of Magnifficoo’s spectacular lineage- the ancestry of Marwan Al Magnifficoo is nothing less than Arabian Horse Halter and Performance Royalty!

Marwan Al Magnifficoo is a perfect Arabian horse as you can see from this video. It was filmed during the Scottsdale Breeder Finals and you can see it clear what a magnificent and gorgeous horse he is. Sandro Pinha, the handler, has an amazing bond with the horse, although at first, you’ll think that the horse is afraid of him.

Pinha is right up there with the best in the biz and he is doing a great work with Magnifficoo. The reason why they were all cheering so annoyingly loud is that Sandro kept him in check and focused for one of his last shows. Magnifficoo is 8-years-old and he is naturally a bit jumpy.

He has been through a few owners and handlers and that’s why no one knows from where the jumpiness came. However, it is not from Pinha. Enjoy the video!

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