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Reminder: Don’t Tie Your Horse With The Reins!

You should never tie horses with the reins and here is a reason why. It is like waiting for a dangerous situation to happen and that’s why Bart Sirman wanted to speak up loudly about this issue on Facebook.

As he said, it is one of his biggest pet peeves. Many times Bart has seen people getting off their horses, leaving them bridled and tied with the reins. It often happens when one horse bits another horse and that horse spooks and sits back with the bit in his mouth. At that point, that bit is basically a knife and you should never leave your horse like that. Be aware of the risk because it can happen.

The mare from the pictures below got loose and stepped in her bridle reins… the outcome is terrible and you can’t even imagine the pain she had to deal with. The injury was preventable and that’s a good reason why you should pay attention to this issue. Protect your horses and go riding!

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