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Rider Landing On Her Butt As Her Horse Reared And Spun! Video Below!

Horses can be really unpredictable and that’s why riders learn new lessons all the time. The girl from this video has probably learned one of the best lessons since she started riding. At least that horse has taught her something valuable.

Nastassia was taking a lesson on Howie the horse that day. He was new to the barn and was doing the highs really good. That’s the reason why he was assigned to Nastassia that day, but she was still getting used to him and that’s how things went out of control. Howie jumped really hard and she was kind of not releasing during the jumps which made him feel uncomfortable. He got a bit agitated towards the end and he started crow hopping. At that point, her saddle slid to the side and it continued to slide until it was completely under the horse. Suddenly, he reared and spun!

Her stirrup also went off and she had to decide very fast what to do. So, she just let go before it got worse, landing on her butt. Emergency dismount is what she needed the most at that point of no return. They were having a great time and the horse was responding perfectly at the start of their ride. However, horses are unpredictable and she is lucky for not being hurt and things ended up well for both the rider and the horse. Take care and go riding! Video below.

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