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Celebrities That Love Horses!

We have seen many movies in which actors and horses cooperate in order to tell their story.  Some of those celebrities were doing more than just acting out a relationship with their equine co-stars. Hollywood actors are people just like anybody else and they also love horses. Some stars are especially fond of horses and you’ll probably be surprised by some of the names you’ll find in the following list.

It is incredible to know that these celebrities care for horses and they are passionate horse lovers. One of the greatest and true horse lover is Viggo Mortensen who adopted the two horses he was riding in the Lord of The Rings. Also, he is taking care of the horse he was riding in Hidalgo. Did you know that Jamie Foxx is also a passionate horse lover? He rode his own horse in Django Unchained and the two of them did a great job despite the fact that Cheetah the horse had no prior acting experience.

Madonna’s fans have probably spotted her riding in the Hamptons. She has two horses and even rode down the streets of Manhattan once with David Letterman. The one-eyed horse which Johnny Depp rode in Sleepy Hollow would no longer be alive if it wasn’t for this amazing actor. He adopted that horse and rescued him from being put down. Julia Roberts has been barrel racing since childhood and she is a great horse lover. She owns a ranch in New Mexico. Here is a list of celebrities who love horses:

1- Johnny Depp                            

2- Viggo Mortensen                                                                                              

3- Jamie Foxx                                                                                                         

4- Madonna                                                                                                                 

5- Nicole Kidman                                              

6- Shania Twain                                                                                                         

7- Brad Pitt                                                                            

8- Lucy Liu                                                     

9- Richard Gere                                                                                                                  

10- Gillian Anderson                                   

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