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Believe It Or Not, Draft Horses Can Be Barrel Racers! Incredible Video!

The chances for us to see draft horses barrel racing are slightly close to none. This is a very popular equine sport and the audience loves it, but draft horses are not part of this show. However, exceptions exist and this video is one of them. Prepare yourself to witness one of the few draft horse shows in the country that offers the class. It was filmed during the 2013 Georgia National Fair in Perry and it is the end of the annual draft horse show.

Barrel racing is highly appreciated in the USA and those horses are well-trained. This country is probably the only one that offers this kind of sport and people find it very strange that draft horses don’t practice barrel racing. But the USA is the land of opportunities and now draft horses are given the chance to be part of this discipline.

Horses which are barrel racers are fast and agile, and sometimes their performances look scary. Not all riders have the courage to participate, but when you see a draft horse as part of a barrel racing show you would probably want to try it once in your life.

It is because draft horses are gentle and powerful big horses and they are not as fast as the other horses. They seem to enjoy in every second of the show and the audience loves them. Enjoy the video and go riding!

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