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Jodie Earl: Quarter Horse Who Worked Cows Completely On Her Own!

The horse world will never forget the great Jodie Earl. She was born in 1944 and has been an amazing Quarter Horse. Jodie Earl was able to work alone in the cutting pen with a herd of cows and she had no problem with that.

She was a solo performer and was working completely on her own. People loved and respected her because of her stunning work! In this rare video, you can see Jodie Earl in the cutting pen alone, doing what she knows the best.

Clearly, she loves her job and that’s why she is so good at cutting. We bet you haven’t seen something like this before. This mare has been one of a kind, she is magnificent and every she does comes naturally like she was born to do this.

Jodie Earl knew her job and that’s awesome, don’t you agree?! She is no longer part of this world, but for the horse community, she is immortal because of her uniqueness. Enjoy the video and go riding!

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