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Nobody Believed That Spirit Will Stay Alive! Amazing Rescue!

Our hearts are always touched by great horse rescuing stories and they instantly make us feel better. There are many of them from all around the world like rescuing horses from fire, different disease, floods and so on. It makes our day even better knowing that the horses are saved and that all the efforts were worth it. This is another story about a beautiful foal who survived after a surprise birth.


The weather was terrible, Britain was battered by icy weather and snow continued to fall. However, in Aberdeenshire happened a surprise arrival. The mare suffered a retained placenta and needed immediate treatment, although Spirit was on the way. The vets revealed that the placenta was infected and both mare and foal were at risk of a disease called Septicaemia.

The foal was weak and the mare could not take care of him. It needed to be taken care of as his mother left him. The foal’s only hope was to keep him warm and to feed him because they couldn’t transport him due to bad weather. Nobody expected the horse to make it and everyone wanted to help. They made a makeshift stable for Spirit inside of a room where they kept him warm with blankets and towels. Also, they fed him with colostrum and the vet was amazed when he saw Spirit alive. Incredible story, don’t you think?!

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