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Pony Travelling In The Back Of A Car As A Passenger…Not A Clever Idea!

The safest way to transport a horse is to use a trailer. That sort of transportation is very convenient and it requires practice with the horse. Once you get used to driving the trailer and the horse staying in there, you are both good. However, people find themselves in all sort of situations, like the two women from this video. They have applied another method since they didn’t have a trailer to transport the pony which they bought at an auction!

They hadn’t bought a trailer with them, so they let the pony sit in the back of the car as a passenger. We could notice that the pony was enjoying looking at the road from the windows. He stayed calm throughout the whole trip, but that should not encourage any of us to do the same thing with our horses.

We know that it looks hilarious and funny, but it is really dangerous because horses are not used to travel that way. The consequences might be really bad as horses can get easily spooked. That pony is being in such a small space and might have gotten scared and also he wasn’t used to those women. Luckily, nothing bad happened and the pony was absolutely friendly and loving. Video below!

When your friend wants to buy a mini at the auction without bringing a trailer…. took him home like this 😂😂

Posted by Nicki Paul on Monday, January 1, 2018

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