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Spectacular Unplanned Dismounting! Video Below!

Dismounting from your horse is part of the process, so once you get on a horse you will eventually have to get off. Many of us have suffered through some unplanned dismounts which resulted in ending up in the dirt. However, the rider from this video managed to stick the landing perfectly and score a perfect “10” on her unplanned dismount.

Probably this rider knew what was coming and we should know that it was an unplanned dismount. This rider was not getting thrown. She just remained calm, did not panic, and her horse was also great.

He stuck the landing and did not run off. It was an accidental landing and it turned out to be quite spectacular. This girl really needs to learn how to stick her landings like this!

“It is all about how you land” is what we start to thinking as we watch this video. She really has a beautiful recovery as the landing was so nicely done. You will enjoy while watching the video footage beneath this text!

Video made and owned by Danielle Taylor instagram page @danielletaylor_sjnz

Posted by EquiNL on Friday, January 20, 2017

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