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Neglected Young Horse Saved By A Dog Walker! Amazing Rescue!

A young horses was spotted by a dog walker. The poor horse was abandoned and was not doing well. Clearly, that animal needed help so the woman who found him immediately called RSPCA.

An inspector with the RSPCA, Rosie  Russon, shared that the horse was just lying in the middle of the big bare field, the ground around him was churned up because he had obviously been struggling to get himself back up. He had become so weak and he could barely lift his head.

It was so sad to witness that scene and he would not have made it on its own! While waiting for the vet to come, Russon gave Adie the horse some water and he drank like he had not had water in years. That horse is extremely lucky the dog walker found him because he was really just minutes from death.

Many people gathered to help Adie get to the trailer. He was transported to boarding stables for intensive care. He came out with a terrible case of worms and a long rcovery was in front of him.

A month after his rescue he got out of the woods and Russon hopes to find a loving home for him. Adie will be the perfet riding horse for someone one day!

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