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The Original Morgan Horse! Amazing Video!

One of the earliest horse breeds developed in the USA was the Morgan horse. In the 19th century, the Morgan horse served for different purposes like harness racing, coach horses, and general riding animals. Moreover, during the American Civil War, they were used as cavalry horses.

These horses have influenced other breed and it is very important to mention that fact. The American Quarter Horse, Tennessee Walking Horse, and the Standardbred were all influenced by the Morgan horse. The Morgan horse has an expressive face, large eyes, well-defined withers…it has a compact and refined build, with strong limbs, laid back shoulders, and a well-arched neck.

This video is a tribute to the old style Morgan which is different than the newer style Morgan. These days the Morgan horses are much more refined and flashy in comparison with the old style Morgan horses who were more compact and muscular. We should truly appreciate all the breeders out there supporting and continuing to breed for the original Morgan horse. Enjoy the video!

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