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Top 10 Heavy Horse: Looking Calm & Beautiful!

When we see heavy horses we feel something incredibly delightful and satisfying. It is a feeling that we can not explain… they look so calm, devoted, and loving and you simply fall in love with them right away. In the video footage beneath this text is a list of ten horses which are considered to be the heaviest horses in the world!

All of them have been bred for pulling and carrying heavy weight and they look so calm and loving. Moreover, they have been used in military actions to transport ammunition and heavy artillery in warfare. They are also great for agricultural work and they would probably not have existed if they had not been used for such things.

Despite being heavy they also have grace in them and their friendly personalities have made people admire them. Many people argue about their beauty but just take a look at these top 10 heavy horses and tell us what you think about their appearance!

10 – Russian Heavy Draft 

9 – Vladimir Heavy 

8 – Soviet Heavy Draft 

7 – Clydesdale Horse 

6 – Boulonnais Horse                    

5 – Percheron 

4 – Ardennes Horse             

3 – Suffolk Horse                                                                  

2 – Shire Horse                

1 – Belgian Heavy            

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