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The Heartwarming Ending Scene Of “War Horse”! Video Below!

Every horse lover has heard about the movie “War Horse” which tells a story about a beautiful and powerful love of a human and horse. An English farm boy, Albert has developed a strong relationship with his horse Joey, but one day Albert’s father decides to sell Joey to the army at the start of World War I. Albert had no clue about that because his father did not consult him. So, he never stopped thinking about his loving horse and hoped that one day he will get reunited with Joey!

Without the consent of his father, Albert enlisted in the army, although he was underage. The story of Albert and Joey passes through horrors of death and the miseries of war. It is a heroic story of survival and in this video footage, you can see the ending scene that will make you cry. As Joey is injured and on the brink of being shot Albert rescues him.


The young boy is temporarily blinded by tear gas but that doesn’t bother him because only Joey is on his mind. This story truly emphasizes the bond between human and horse, and you can recognize the sincere and unconditional love we give and get from horses. Enjoy the video!

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