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Bison Lost Among Horses! Interesting Video!

We all know that horses are friendly and sociable creatures, and they get along with almost every other animal. Prepare yourself to see something really unusual as you turn on the video footage beneath this text. It is strange and it was recorded recently on a 6-day horse pack trip through Yellowstone.

It seems that both the horse and bull were in a playful jousting type of mood. Neither of them seemed to show aggressive behavior, and although the bison identifies itself as a horse, the horse community is not very accepting.

As you can see from the video, the bison is trying to find its herd and that’s probably how he ended up being among horses. It may surprise you that the horses did not run away when the bison approached them.

Clearly, they knew the power in numbers and the bison did not scare them at all. Interesting video that you would not want to miss it!

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