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Amazing Horse Rescue: Girl Walked A Horse 9 Miles To Safety!

An Illinois teen girl made a wrong turn on her road, but that has led her to a dying horse on the side of the road. Kelsey decided to help the horse, so she walked him 9 miles home to safety. This is completely a matter of fate and it’s like this girl happens in the right place at the right time. It seems that she is the right person to do something which probably most of the people would have neglected.

Kelsey was with her mom, the two of them decided to take a shortcut by following a different route and as they were driving, Kelsey noticed the horse. The poor animal was skinny and she felt that she had to help him. They’ve stopped and noticed that the horse was malnourished and had run away from abusive owners.

A decision was made right away and they’ve done something amazing. Helping that horse really mattered to them and they’ve decided to take the challenge. They had no trailer and Kelsey knew what she had to do- she walked 9 miles to get the horse to her mother’s home. She named the horse Sunny… enjoy the video!

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