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It Looks Like This Mare Got Jealous And Kicked Her Owner! Video Below!

Horses have their own personality and different nature than other creatures on this planet. They have amazing characters, they are playful, funny, share emotions, but sometimes they act in their own mind which can be dangerous. Horses might kick or buck when they feel danger and although the possibilities of this to happen are rare, still you gotta be careful!

This story is about one of those cases when a horse kicks his owner for no reason. In the video footage beneath this text, you’ll see a horse who is not in danger but kicks her owner. The man wasn’t doing anything to the horse, he was just filming an advertisement for his line of performances horses.

Taylor Hanes, the owner, offers world champion performance stallions and mares and he was in the middle of filming when one mare that was behind him kicked him. It happened while he was giving compliments to one of the mares for its beauty and probably the mare behind him got jealous and kicked him!

Horses have a huge amount of power and their kick might cause bad injuries. Taylor was lucky because that mare kicked him right in his back pocket where he had his microphone. So, he got away with a minor bruise on the back of his leg. Video below!

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