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Amazing Braiding Patterns For The Best Look Of Your Horse!

Horses have been used in different aspects of life because they are magnificent, noble, intelligent, sociable and able to establish a connection of trust and love. Every horse owner and rider wants his horse to be the best looking horse and that’s how many different grooming techniques have developed over the years.

In the past, horse mane braiding was done with the purpose of preventing it from getting tangled up in different items since horses were mainly used for transportation.

Nowadays, almost in every equestrian show, we can see plaits and braits because the appearance of the horse is of great importance. When taking part in a competition both the rider and the horse have to look neat and beautiful.

Which style of braid or plait will you choose depends on the horse and discipline. The “Hunter” braid uses yarn in a color that matches the horse. In dressage, you can notice the “Button” braids which are truly complicated. They need a needle and thread, and lots of patience.

The French style of braid known as the “Running” braid is plaited along the length of the horse’s neck. It is a great choice for horses with very long and thick manes. Enjoy the photos!

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