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Horses Change Lives: Loving Horse Saved Its Owner’s Life! Video Below!

Those who have a great relationship with a horse know what an amazing experience is that. Your horse will become a part of your family and will always be there for your in good and bad times. The story from this article is an example of that- a horse stopped a woman from committing suicide.

Lea suffered from depression and decided to end up her life. Luckily, an amazing thing changed her mind! It was a regular day on Lea’s farm and she was giving water to all the animals. When it came time for Cider the mare something strange happened. The mare was quiet that day and stood still in front of Lea.

She showed her owner a little moment of love as if she was trying to say to her that she needs her alive… thanks to that moment Lea changed her mind. She knew that Cider could understand her because that horse has been through hard times before.

Sadly, after a while, the vet found out that Cider had colic and needed a major surgery. So, it was time for Lea to give back to Cider for all of her support in the past. Cider was on road to recovery and she fought really hard. Unfortunately, she did not make it. This story is another example that horses change lives and they are a valuable part of this world. Video below!

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