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Beautiful Horses With Unique Coats! Pictures Below!

Creating a strong bond with your horse is not an easy thing to do, but once you have done it things will become magical. You’ll understand how extraordinary these creatures are and that they are strong, kind, brave, timid and intelligent. Also, you’ll soon find out that horses often spook and they can’t do anything about it because it is in their nature.

However, more and more people love to have horses around them and sharing moments with them. Horses come in different colors and they are all one of a kind, but did you know that all horse colors are built on one of only two base colors?! Various genes act on the two base colors- black and chestnut- and they dilute them which results in a variety of markings. In the pictures below you can see the most beautiful coats. Those horses are unique and you will instantly fall in love with their appearance.

  1. The Jabbawockee                                             
  2. Zorro                                                                
  3. The Snowflake 
  4. Fabio                                                
  5. The Silver Fox                      
  6. The Rugged Cowboy                 
  7. The Spotted Pair                                      
  8. The Dalmatian                                                  
  9. The Golden Statue 
  10. Da Vinci                        

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