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Adorable Foal Jumping Like A Professional Jumper! Video Below!

Have you heard about the “leap of the goat”? It is also known as Capriole and it is a horse jump from a raised position of the forehead straight up into the air. Next, he kicks out with the hind legs and lands more or less on all four legs at the same time.

In order to be performed correctly, the horse that does it must be enormously powerful. Capriole is considered the most difficult of all the airs above the ground! This video is probably one of the sweetest videos we’ve watched lately. You’ll see a mother and her foal running around.

Suddenly, the foal jumps in the air making it look like it did a capriole. Without a doubt, this foal has a great chance to become a jumper in the future. Can you believe this foal has the capriole down already?! She jumped high and her moves made her look like a ballerina, so cute and unbelievable…

Probably, this foals dreams of becoming a jumper when she grows up. She looks athletic and very energetic, don’t you agree?! Hopefully, we will see her in the arena as a champion. We wish all the best to this adorable, frisky foal. Enjoy the video!

Watch it in slow motion

Posted by Horse Addicted on Thursday, March 15, 2018

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