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Clever Foal Getting What She Wants From Her Human Friend!

Foals love to play and chase each other when they are two or more. Moreover, they also like to scratch each other… for example, the foal from this video loves to do all the things that other foals do, but he doesn’t have a friend. Luckily, he has a human to meet its needs and there is no problem when the foal stands against him and enjoys the scratching. The problem is that the foal doesn’t want that to end and it just wants to go on for a long time.

That man accepted the game after the foal got his attention. They both seem to be in a good mood, so the man started scratching its rump with the thought that it is enough. Apparently, the foal is not finished yet and when the man tries to go away, the foal pushed its tail against him. Clearly, he wanted the scratch to continue because he looked really satisfied.

It is so funny when the man has had enough of that situation and tried again to leave by walking away. The foal wanted more scratch and after he realized that he is not getting the man’s attention he decided to take some serious steps. It lifted her hoof into a perfectly aimed kick in the poor man’s direction…he had no choice. What a funny video, don’t you think?! Enjoy.

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