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Einstein: The Smallest Stallion!

The horse from this story was born in April of 2010 in Barnstead, New Hampshire and according to the Guinness World Records, he is the smallest horse ever born. They’ve named him Einstein and was born with a size of a squirrel.

He weighed a slim 6 pounds and stand at just 14 inches tall! According to Scott Creek Farm website which specializes in miniature horses, Einstein doesn’t have much growing left to do.

The truth is that these little horses grow to 90% of their adult height by the time they are one. With this being said, Einstein will stay baby-sized forever! However, he looks cute and there are people who take good care of him.

Just so you know, Einstein’s parent were normal-sized champion miniature horses. These days, he lives with two Dwarf Nigerian goats, a boxer, and a sulcata Tortoise. Learn more about him on his Facebook page!

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