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Assateague’s Wild Horses Visiting The Beach! Incredible Video!

Most of you probably expect to see waves, sand, and umbrellas when going to the beach. That’s why it was a big surprise for the beach-goers from this video when wild horses came wandering on the beach!

You can notice that there is a mixture of shock and humor as people try to clear the path for the horses. Those animals act like it is another day at the beach and they simply pass through the people who run around to get their belongings and their children out of the way.

The locals and visitors are well-known to Assateague’s wild horses, shared from the National Park Service. These horses are descend from domesticated animals and now live free and without care from humans.

According to the legend, the horses in this area originate from a shipwreck in Virginia. Another story tells that the horses were brought to the island in the 17th century by owners who wanted to avoid taxation. However, the beauty of these animals is apparent. Enjoy the video!

So this happened today at Assateague State Park…

Posted by Amy E. Carter on Monday, August 15, 2016

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