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Stunning Horse Dance By Blue Hors Matine! Amazing Video!

In the video footage beneath this text, you’ll witness the flawless performance by a 9-year-old Danish-bred mare and his rider. It is a fun competition performance by Andrea Helgstrand and his horse Blue Hors Matine during the World Equestrian Games.

Moreover, it was a great opportunity for the crowd to see a horse dance! Judges were already anticipating that this pair would give the performance of the night and they were right. The team had the audience on their feet with their side-stepping and half-passing to a medley of tunes.

They’ve started with a double anti-pirouette and included flawless passages in sync with the music, and Matine even swished her tail in circles to the beat of the music!

Everyone was left speechless, including the judges who called the duo “stunning”. Matine and Helgstrand got the silver medal at the event and they lost out on the gold medal by 5 points. Makes sure to watch the video!

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