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Rebellious Warmblood Horse Changes Thanks To A Good Trainer

The following video will amaze you, because that cowboy achieved the impossible. The owner of the stallion from the video said that she’s been having a lot of trouble with that naughty horse. As she said, he jumps and bucks every day. Have a look at the video and witness the incredible transformation!

She really loved the horse and that’s why she looked up for some professional help. The after effect has been amazing. She brought her rebellious warmblood dressage horse to a Warwick Schiller Center in Australia and the results were great. In the video below, starting from day one at the clinic, you can witness the entire change in the horse’s behavior!

The horse’s problem was that, he could not stand still. So, that cowboy had some hard-work to do. His goal was to make the right thing easy for that horse and his rider. At the end of the video you can see the results of the wonderful job that cowboy did.

But, we must say that there were all kinds of comments about that horse’s rider, saying that she is the problem, not the horse. People said that she’s made a lot of pressure on that horse and that something is wrong with the bit. And yes, most of the horses rear and buck when they are in pain…tell us what you think after you watch the video below.

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