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Neglected Horse Making A Full Recovery At Horse Trust

Horses are remarkable creatures and millions of people around the world are in love with the horses’ nature and free spirit. Many people dream of having a horse on their own and taking care of them.

On the other side, there are people who own horses but don’t appreciate their existence. The story that we are going to share in this article is a true example of animal cruelty. An abandoned horse was found by a side of a road.

Her name was Polly and she was one of the thinnest living animals alive. She had no fat on her body and looked starved and dehydrated.

Luckily, some good people found her and she was immediately sent to get proper treatment. The first picture is from her arrival at Horse Trust where you can see her ribs poking through her skin.

Clearly, she was in a poor, emaciated condition and nobody cared about her. The next picture is taken three months after her rescue, and the last two pictures you can see Polly able to go out and roam freely.

She made a full recovery and these days she is living a normal life, strong and healthy, thanks to the Horse Trust UK team. Take care of horses!

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