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Keep Your Horses Healthy While Traveling! Video Below!

Sometimes elite equine athletes have to get on a plane in order to arrive at a competition. For example, the horses which attended the Olympics are used to travel because they compete internationally. However, plane travel requieres a different level of logistics than loading your horse up on a trailer. This video clearly shows that in order to load the horse onto the plane, first, you must transport the horse to the airport. That includes long trailer rides, observation facility, verification of equine passports and health certificates…

With this being said, it is no small feat to manage a top competition horse. This is one the reasons why these horses are provided with grooms who know them better than anyone. The grooms know how to keep these horses calm and healthy because the plane travel brings a lot of stress for the animals.

Horses can be subjected to any number of physical issues while traveling- flu, cold, shipping fever. So, it is very important to keep your horse healthy during transportation. Consult with your vet and help prevent your horse from getting sick. Keep him well-hydrated on the trip and reduce the chance of colic. Allow your horse to lower his head at points during the trip. Take care of your horses!

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