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Two Girls And A Pony Successfully Navigate A Timed Driving Course!

There is something about ponies that makes them adorable. It is probably their small size, fuzzy manes, and tails. However, it’s hard to argue that the pony from the video footage beneath this text isn’t the cutest thing ever!

As you can see, this pony and the two girls perfectly navigate a timed driving course. The pony does a good job of listening to his driver, although it’s not the fastest pony in the world. He is taking the cart exactly where he’s directed which makes him a fun and challenging driving partner.

Many riding programs require a child to be at least 7-years-old before its first ride and their introduction to horses usually comes on the back of a pony. Also, you must find a reputable riding instructor who knows how to work with children and keep them safe. Positive introduction to horses and ponies is necessary for your child to continue riding all of his life. Enjoy the video!

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