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Rolex Cross-Country: The Ultimate Test Of Horse And Rider!

Thanks to the magic of helmet cams, now we can all experience a ride at the Rolex cross-country course and see how it feels like to ride a top equine athlete. Elisa Wallace made this video while riding Simply Priceless during Rolex 2016. The video offers an amazing opportunity to see the course just as a rider sees it!

Have you noticed how big the fences are?! Rolex is a prestigious event which brings together some of the top eventing horses and riders in the world. It is a four-star eventing competition that is regularly held in the Western Hemisphere.

There are three different phases that each pair must go through. In the first phase, horses and riders must perform an intricate set of movements with excellent precision. The next day, it’s the challenging cross-country course where horses and riders must compete the course within the specified time limit.

The last day, they face the final show-jumping phase where they must pass tall fences with absolute precision. The horse and rider pair with the best score wins the competition. This video provides a great look at what a rider sees during this once in a lifetime experience!

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