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Mounted Policeman And Their Horses Share Amazing Relationship!

It’s natural for bonds to form whenever riders work with horses. That’s exactly what happens between mounted policemen and their horses, especially because they spend so much time training and working together. These sort of partnerships are strong and when those partners are separated the officers mourn and miss their partners.

Mounted police are some of the most visible members of law enforcement and that’s what makes them a valuable asset to the law enforcement community. Moreover, they can sustain a foot chase longer than foot patrol police officers can. They have the benefit of their horses’ speed to help them during the pursuit and the horses themselves are useful in crowd control.

Every mounted police officer receives about 400 hours of additional training because they have to learn how to take care of horses. Also, they must know how to work with and ride them and how to communicate seamlessly with their horses. Mounted police horses also go through specializes training because it is very important for them to learn how to stay focused in chaotic situations.


All in all, this training ensures that horses and mounted officers can perform appropriately when they begin patrols. It is good to know that horses and riders that are part of the mounted police develop the same strong bonds that many riders have with their own horses!

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