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Modern Technology Can’t Replace The Powerful Draft Horses! Amazing Video!

It is not often that you see draft horses plowing the fields of farms because modern technology has done a lot of changes. And how often do you see a mother and daughter working in the field with horses? What makes this video so special and beautiful is the fact that it is a powerful testament to how useful the draft horse continues to be on modern farms!

Draft horses are hardworking animals and they’ve proven many times that they know their job and love what they do. They are focused on their work, looked calm and happy for doing what they are asked to do. There are a number of reasons why draft horses are useful on farms such as:

– Draft horses are cheaper than tractors and other farm equipment.

– Draft horses need only hay which can be grown throughout the year.

– Horses produce manure which can be applied to fields to fertilize them.

– Working with horses allows farmers to develop a relationship with these incredible animals.

However, you must have in mind that working with horses requires patience and they need training and attention too. Also, you must take good care of them and their needs. In return, they will provide you with companionship, power, and commitment. Enjoy the video!

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